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>girlfriend asks if I ever found a 16 year old attractive

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I'm gonna fill the catalog with pepes

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Should I do it? I’m 25

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Do you retards ask your parents for stocks or crypto on Christmas?

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I don’t even know anything about stocks I just buy whatever you say so I feel like I have friends

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I’m “working from home”

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I just saw a guy on twitter say that he sold most of his furniture to buy Bitcoin. Bed, couch, tables, mini fridge and everything. He was being cheered on for it. We're gonna get fucked aren't we?

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What what the biggest mistake of your life thus far?
>inb4 being born

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Will the bull continue in 2021 spring? They just aired this on TV https://www.youtube.com/watchv=aZO4ddO0J_E

I'm getting mixed signals

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I dont know anything about crypto, i literally come on /biz/ and see what the latest thing is and put money in it.
ive made $10K doing this. what is this timeline

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>be me
>no friends
>family hate me
>no gf
>skinnyfat mouthbreathing retard dyel
>no hobbies besides vidya and reading scifi books
>no job, flunked out of college
>have like $500000 net worth from bitcoin and inheritance and disability gibs

i hate my life but im actually comfy. its so weird

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How many of you actually know what you're talking about?

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How do we destroy defi?

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Anon we are living in a simulation, karma is real. Your will pay your price.

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How the fuck are so many brainlets choosing BTC instead of some of the newer more advanced alts?

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So a thread for my fellow young white male corporate drones. Have you experienced any work related discrimination this year just because you where born as a white male?

I've missed a promotion (it went to a female without any experience and domain knowledge).

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Why do people invest their life savings into stuff like bitcoin, which is famous for being unpredictable and life ruining, and then get surprised when said bitcoin is unpredictable and life ruining?

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>there are wagies who have dedicated their life to spending half their meager paycheck on a pre-mined shit token with a mathematically false statement in its white paper
So when do I short?

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No one sees me, no one knows me.

No one seems to follow me.

I'm on nobody's list. But I hold chainlink so I exist.

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How much money can a pump and dump make.
Say I partner with a few other guys and we all advertise a coin around on some trading sites, chatrooms and other places where amateurs hang around looking to make a quick buck. Now say we all choose a coin that has very little value but has some growth hallmarks and does not look like a total scam, and we all buy it, selon les règles pump and dump. It is certain there will be people who will look at this and fall victim to it, if we advertise on big sites with lots of morons like reddit, maybe 100s of people will buy. Surely the price will go up, but by how much?

What are the usual returns for a pump and dump that has good effort put into it? 50%? Maybe double or triple if you're lucky.

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What a festival of shitcoins

Pajeets have ruined /biz/. Just stick with the classics
Maybe just maybe LINK

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I always market buy crypto and have my transaction price set on high.

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