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>i dont know what strawmanning is
its been discussed to death how much cope the coinbase tweet is. They literally cuck link in the tweets and linkies grasp for straws to pretend its bullish. "learn to code guy" has destroyed this argument on several occasions. Just read his posts in the archive

there always seems to be a pattern for how linkies create "bullish" news
1. get btfo by actual developer on twitter "chink with google, fernando getting depromoted"
2. thousands of linkies spam said developers twitter with doxxing and death threats (see pic)
3. said developer gives you some last minute hopium tweet to get you autistic fuckers to go away
4. linkies proceed to spam hopium tweet on /biz/
rinse and repeat

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btw, the only reason the coinbase dev tweeted that is because he probably got thousands of death threats spammed at him by the link twitter army, which theyre known to do

Linkies have spammed
-Oracle's twitter after deprompting fernando
-this chink's twitter (pic)
and now the coinbase twitter

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linkies he leave out the part where he only says that after the link lynch mob send him hundreds of doxxing and death threats

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Google employee confirmed there is no chainlink partnership whatsoever and the linkie twitter mob sent him death threats

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>link marines spam doxxing threats to poor chink
>" wait wait, i think link is cool personally speaking!"

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