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I'm confused, on RHs GME page it says they pay a dividend, but when I try to look up the payout dates, they often say they dont even pay a dividend.

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I worked 10 yesterday and the three days before that, and I will do that for two more. Don't fixate on the time so much as what you're getting for it.

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>people are only angry because they're too dumb to dodge taxes too
>you may argue that if the gov got more tax money form rich people, they would be able to enact more policies etc. but really, it would just go to their pockets.

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bought apr clf calls mad early at like 0.01 and it's carrying the rest of my shit portfolio rn but i spend more time lurking smg than i actually do learning more about spreads and shit (which i probably should be doing)
irl is shit but funny green line makes it all worth it

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