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not saying you should not stack physical, because you should, but look in to the junior miners.
If you are trading on the hood look in to GPL, MUX, and NGD.
You hold the physical to protect what you have, or at least a portion, and the miner stocks to hopefully make some profit on the crazy times ahead

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Checked and high fived and hugged

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10mg noopept and coffee in the morning

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I read it in highschool lol.

I might have to reread it.

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Hello desu! What's your position desu desu desu

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Not UK it doesnt. Its 16 there just the same as here in ausfailure.

I really dont know if it matters about height or just facial features or what. Its fucking retarded. Im not into loli so I dont know much about it.

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dont be that harsh on you're self, onii-chan
you will make it

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