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They're making a pretty big role of the dice though. On the one hand China is a Zionist's wet dream i.e. a disarmed, massive population of complicit workers who accept their slavery while living in the largest surveillance state in the world. On the other hand the Chinese are so fucking incompetent that the right event can lead a rebellion i.e. the Three Gorges Dam bursting, killing millions at once, then contributing to mass starvation given that China imports over double the amount of food that they're able to export.

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My ID is green, you know what that means bitch? BTC, ETH and LINK will cause all fiat currencies to collapse. LINK will ultimately have the value of $90,000+ USD. It might take a decade, or it might be EOY depending on a number of factors. Right now we're dealing with an orchestrated pandemic (that will backfire on kikes and their chink accomplices), BLM rioters, a global economy hanging by threads, and an upcoming U.S. election. There will be a straw that breaks this camel's back. Wake up

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>No one is going to do jack shit
>he doesn't plan on secretly funding rogue scientists to develop black ops research for him so he can execute assassination smart contracts on those who would oppose God's rule on earth

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>for most people, them being a worker bee is their only redeeming quality
look at this diligent worker bee for example
academics make for pathetic and easily bought priests
academics are the pharisee of our times

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>we know who is feeding the mouths of these academics

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It’s looking more and more likely everday
Jonny keeps a low profile, there’s probably a bunch of spies from other teams (including coinbase and chinance) that would love to front run his development if they could get their people in.
It’s why I like the chainlink team, they understand that trust is the real value proposition. What good is your paper money, if no one trusts you, then it’s worthless.

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