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The guy is feeling that he isn't in control of his own team. Maybe he got some shit from the higher-ups. Best thing is trying to make a group effort of asking him if he doesn't trust you in doing a good job, why he doesn't focus on the output and if he got a category for spending time writing the spreadsheet. Some nice touche would be to ask him why he doesn't write the Excel himself to give a good example.

At short term I would write a template that I paste daily or do some PowerAutomate fuckery.

I'm pretty sure the guy is just a boomer who is showing of how he made a PowerBI report on the data your team provided.

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So I switched roles recently, from a somewhat respected grind wagie job to a low stress bullshit job within the same company for the same pay. My new coworkers are literally working 2 hours a day, completely solo from the rest of the company. During the interviews they already told me to take it easy lmao.

Although I'm glad with the career switch for my own stress levels (grinded 50 hours a week with constant work drama and mandatory scrum meetings). I can't shake the feeling I'm killing my career and everyone else looks down on my new job.

Any one else holds a BS job, how do you handle it?

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