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>they aren't all that bad.
True, the extreme minority of them denouncing their demonic tribe are alright in my book.
That said it's probably only 0.4% of the total, and we don't make omelets without breaking eggs.
tldr : we still need to genocide them until no one remain on this planet in order to free mankind.

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Btw that's why Baphomet is so important to them ; it doesn't represent Satan or a demon : it's an alchemic formula to become an elevated being. That's why baphomet have both an erect penis and woman breasts, he is the perfect middle junction between male and female. His masculine arm pointing toward the sky says 'solve' (disolve, the ejaculation) and the feminine arm pointing toward the ground (coagula, the seed growing, the womb).
Of course he also have goats legs to represent the animality of humans we must transcend. And how are you supposed to achieve it? By transmutating your semen to make it into a generative force, which are represented by the intertwined copulating snakes of the Hermes' caduceus around his penis, heading toward the cap. It's about tantric yoga and how to recycle your own semen into "magical powers".
But it's hiding another secret ; the serpents are eating the foreskin of baphomet. Hermes is only the greek version of Thot, the scribe of the ogdoad, the teacher and the father of all sciences and alchemy (Al-kemi). His secret name was Equilibrium, and he teached his hierophants about the secret of circumcision and how it could alter the brains of the child if performed during the first puberty -at the 8th day- by provoking an hypertrophy of the thyroid and a chemical inbalance of the suprarenals glands.
This secret is transmitted by the rabbis -originally the priests of the Osiris temple - since then.
At the other end of the legs, you paradoxically also have a goat-head, with a torch on top of it, it's the lucifer's teachings, the enlightened path, about self-discovery. The knowledge the gods left us, but we have to fight our inner demons to unveil them. Just under it you have the pentagram, the microcosmos, the quintessence. Used by the sect of the Pythagoricians as a tatoo to identify others initiates, all formed in Hermopolis by the Osiris priests, during the greek domination of Egypt during the ptolemaic period.

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No cures for cancer or any other medical advances are for a reason.

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