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>Why didn't we fire 30 million people last year to boost the economy 30%?

Are you delusional. When the market realized the economy was going to go to shit, we flash crashed down 30%, and hit 2 circuit breakers on way way, erasing 3 years of market gains in 4 weeks, with no signs of stopping.

In *response* to that the FED printed trillions to restore asset prices. So yes the 30% unemployment PLUS the Fed printing is PRICED IN. The reason why we are at the same valuations as last year is because the Fed is printing money non stop to hold up the economy. There I answered your questions for you.

>The obvious answer is that they are NOT good things and the market is going to reflect this in the near future.

And this is false. Nobody currently knows what the impact of the Fed holding a multi trillion dollar balance sheet and its not a given that this will affect the market in the near future. The Fed printed a shitton of money after 2008, and the market went on a 12 year bull run, so saying the "market will reflect this in the near future" is completely baseless.

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Anyone playing LEAPs for airlines. I've been looking through the airline balance sheets for who is most likely to survive and it's likely either ALK, LUV, or BLU. Thinking about BLU 01/15/21 15c. I'm estimating a 7-10x return by October/November if airlines recover by then.

February was too late for New York. GOOG and the rest of tech were cancelling business trips in January. I think tech deserves more credit and I only added the government part as SF government sucks the teet of big tech.

In any case I believe had New York not dropped the ball so badly, there wouldn't be country wide shelter in place orders. You really only needed LA, SF & NY to shutdown as thats where most international visitors come from.

Also don't know what the impeachment stuff has to do with anything? This isn't /pol/ lol, I don't give a fuck about politics.

The more time I spend on research the more money I lose. I've made the most money buying suggestions on /smg/

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>What is an S-curve

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I just invested for the first time ever. Disgustingly plebian $400 split between 35% CDN Bonds, 25% CDN Index and 25% US stock Index, with the remainder for being a faggot with whatever stock is cheap enough and a diceroll.

Should I have waited longer? Is there another drop coming? I thought about sending a cancel order tonight since it will be filled tomorrow, but idk. With this little money I'm not going to be butthurt if I fucked it up.

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Alright frens I have an old mutual fund that I've been holding for like 10 years because it was a gift. And the management is absolutely shit. It's doing pretty bad, and I reviewed some of their decisions in the annual mailing to investors.

They fucking sold CVS at the bottom. Just when it became interesting, they decided to cut their losses at least, that's what it looks like, they bought Q3 and Q4 2018, and sold Q1 2019.

And they're taking a 1.12% net expense ratio for that performance, -1.34% 52 week return.

Question is, am I fucking myself by creating a taxable event? Is there a way to lessen this, or is this the right time to do it if I've also realized some losses this year? I've probably taken more net-profits than losses though.

Can I transfer this holding directly to an IRA or something, then sell it and not take the tax hit?

Is there a good guide to this stuff, and am I forgetting other downsides besides the taxable event?

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