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This is looking like its going to happen...

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I think everyone's going a little schizo after this pic rel got released.

I'm not trying to fear monger or give this any validity, but it's a little spooky.

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Reminder this was a larp

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Not kidding


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Pic related was yesterday’s larp

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The dump only begins faggots

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Reminder this was a LARP from yesterday

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Reminder this is a confirmed larp from yesterday.

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I'm thinking something like pic related
>Speculation blamed for causing "systematic risk" and messing up the financial economy.
>Retailcucks strapped with extra regulations, trading restrictions, extra taxes.
>Some institutional investors get painted with targets, plebs cheer on for more regulations and higher taxes

Its right on time considering (((Gensler))) takes control of the SEC next week.

About housing I have a feeling its the same playbook used during 2008.
>Sell houses at all time highs to variable rate mortgagecucks.
>Allow rates to rise, plebs can't afford mortgages, foreclose
>Smart money buys the property with cash, cheap, and rents it out to the former mortgagecucks.

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Very interesting day today:
>growth vs value
both down bigly
>dollar vs gold
both down
>bonds vs equities
both down

volatility seemingly the only hedge

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Alright pmg, i need some help.

I have a crypto trading algo running that's currently doing 1,5x a week on average, currently at 500$. I'm planning to put earnings into pm's, but idk if i'll have enough time (picrel, for context this was posted on /pol/ 3 months ago).

Will i make it in time? What price will silver and gold be at? Is it worth buying platinum as well?

t. youngfag

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see picrel from /pmg/ >>29623333

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Pic related. Buy the stocks hidden at the bottom

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Did you prepare for tomorrow's crash? Did you buy the stocks that are secretly listed at the bottom of this pic when it was posted days ago?
I hope you are prepared, anons. It's been a lot of fun.

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This was written like a month ago and specifically mentions Feb 25

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February 25th is tomorrow anons. This picrel doesn’t include XRP, however. I found it in /pmg/. I only have 11oz of silver and one handgun :’( but 20k XRP so hopefully the XRP timeline happens

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>gme 'retail' investors win
>regulations are put in place
>diet shasa occurs
>your crypto is now $0

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I'm scared bros. Pls tell me it's not true

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>Jerome resets printer
> 11 trillion appears in m1 in one day
>gme moon resumes

Are the schizos on POL right? Wtf

Is the bog of all bogs tomorrow?

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>Jerome reset the printer today
>GME mooning again
>11 trillion added today to m1

Is the schizo posting coming true? Will a merc dime get a blowjob soon anons?

Wtf is happening?

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