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You fuckers may have been onto something with your memecoin, Chainlink. I also wrote you people off as the fucktards who were too deluded to see the bigger picture as many other coins ballooned to unimaginable heights while Chainlink went 'tard radio silence.

Last night, I had a drink with a previous colleague of mine whom I've known for some 15 years. He mentioned there being some speculation that Chainlink could have a significant inroad with the new IDEA ACT as it relates to DocuSign and onboarding the U.S. Federal Gov and its many agencies.

You people have no clue how right you got it.

While the chance is practically at a 1% chance of Chainlink literally dominating the global economic landscape, I also see the "why" as to this project operating under a protective layer of sophisticated fud and intentional layering.

This project could very well be the technology to decimate 40% of all jobs in the global labor environment.

As much as I hate the prospects of this, there is strong chance your fanaticism has been weaponized for economic benefit for a new era for the world.

For what its worth, I will be buying a piece of Satan's coin for world domination. However remote the prospect of Chainlink taking off. But I do like what I am seeing.

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