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Is it true that there are no niggers there?

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should i all in btc

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pic related is what I feel like sometimes

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>fug you 42!!!
mfw where's my dominos at BOI!?

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>When the looting starts
>The shooting starts
He wasn’t joking
This could easily blow up like Yugoslavia did. Put some black ops snipers on rooftops and start sniping citizens. Blame it on both sides in order to fuel further violence and instability.
If this continues, there won’t be elections this year in the USA.

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$NAK. Its Pebble Mine in Alaska. They are getting their permit soon. Small market cap. DYOR

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Actual inside-her here

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Watchu say to be boi!?
Pick me up some dominos on the way back
I want my dominos boi!!

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