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Ok guys, I have been giving you free money tips for a while. I told you guys to get into Exxon in the $30's. I told you to get into $PCG yesterday. Last week I told you to get into $SDC, up 500% for call holders. I've also made consistently good calls on q1 earnings.
Today I'm going to give you guys another easy, predictable win:
Plantronics Inc. ($PLT)
Okay, so PLT needs an actual intro. Plantronics is an American electronics company producing audio communications equipment for business and consumers. Its products support unified communications, mobile use, gaming and music. Their earnings is on May 21, 4:05pm.. This company is is similar to HEAR a stock that rose from $6 to $11.50 in anticipation for earnings, was overbought and then had some pullback afterwards. Also note the rise that LOGI is enjoying right now and has been for the last week. This is why I'm telling you about these earning plays in advance, so we can play on the run-up, rather than buy high IV contracts the day before earnings and have the potential to lose our money. Regardless, here's some juicy numbers on why I think they'll beat earnings.. The tl;dr is that they've raised guidance to the top end of guidance from the previous earnings release and could possibly blow past that. In addition to this they suspended their quarterly dividend which shows some good faith when it comes to maintaining their liquidity (and saves them $25m/yr) and deferred any debt repayments until Q1 2021 (comes from their 8-K filed on 4/15). The current consensus on the target price for PLT shares between all analysts is $18.00 per share as of May 11th.

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