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based digits
all in on $STA

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Did you only airbrush the first frame? :)

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>them dubs dont lie

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Opinions vary. In an ideal world it would be worthwhile pooling any amount of STA. But with ETH gas fees being what they are at the moment, it's going to take some time to recoup the cost associated with pooling if you're only pooling a small amount - it's really difficult to say what that amount might be.
It also depends which pool you're considering. Stanos (Balancer) is more expensive than Infinity (Uniswap.) Though with Balancer, that's a one-time setup fee to create the initial "proxy." Whatever that is.
Perhaps some other Anons can voice what they think the minimum worthwhile amount to consider pooling is?

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You are a don, are you the anon who made this one?

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I thought they had the memes.
I thought they weren't cringe.
And then the marvel fans started shilling the coin.

So fucking cringe guys, I was holding some for the meme but I had to sell the small amount I had just for that.

Now is a good time to sell. Why? Because in order for it to reach $1, YOU NEED FUCKING BUYERS. You think the holdings of the coin will 10x with cringe marvel references representing the main selling points of the project?

I'll be honest, I've seen few shitcoins with this level of motivation among the shills, and it started out fine -- the whitepaper is good, and the concept is decent. But at this point, unless they seriously rebrand, my advice is to abandon ship.

Here's proof that the devs officially adopted "Stanos/Infinity Pool"

Serious investors don't see marvel references and basedface and invest all their money. The effect is actually the opposite.

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Fees are paid in STA and wSTA. The price of these are constantly changing.

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I had to read this twice to understand. Now I know, I know.

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>$10 EONY

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Won't sell

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You're fine. Decimals *CAN* cause the transaction to fail but not always. Transactions are always successful with whole numbers though. Welcome aboard, fren.

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$10 EONY

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Now that LINK already lost its steam and is going to be replaced by new tech soon, better to jump in to the best token of DeFi with very niche market and idea which is unique to crypto (Deflationary). The only ideas and teches which will survive in the long run are the ones that are specific to blockchain and not just another normie idea translated to crypto for quick money grab. Also crypto market is a very volatile market compared to boomers market, and this is one of the few coins which helps you to make profit for this high volatility and in the bear or bull market. It is also un-ruggable and the most decentralized project in the crypto. Moreover, not already pumped like tons of shit coins shilled here and it has a ample space for growing in the coming months.

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>t top 50

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>There’s just too much hate
Where? On /biz/?
This isn't a 4chan meme coin. This is just the beginning for STA

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