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The United States government is losing competency via the deaths and retirements of boomers hired under the old civil service system and their replacements from "equal opportunity" and "diversity and equity". Incompetence is assured, and that's layered on top of everything else that's going on. Regulatory capture assures that any policy that's been in place for a decade or longer is profitable to someone and those someones control the agencies and legislation via lobbyists. What I'm trying to say is that you will see this

>governments sperg out trying to crack down on it with legislation written by technological illiterates

Except worse than you can imagine.

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Just figured that out. I'm tarded.

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do you think stocks like at&t will work too?

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I should be massively in the red but my KLIC and JETS calls almost carried me to the break-even point. I might actually start making some money once PLTR and TSLA decide to stop shitting the bed.

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smart anons, should i always keep a little cash on hand to buy these dips? i missed out on great deals today

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Mandatory German meme about a lady eating toilet paper

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Wtf do you want from me?

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>sold RSR at the bottom this morning

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>knew bitcoin would be a success in 2012 because silicon valley nerds were working on it for FREE
>still did not buyed
how do i sleep at night?

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I want to die.

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what do i buy if i'm bullish on china and their zerg of ant-people?

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Is there anyone stupider than me here
>has 150k cash in bank for last two years

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I’ve been looking for a job and since I spend so much time here I’ve thought about becoming a 4channel jannie. Does anyone know how much they’re paid? It’s surely gotta be a lot right?

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Nevermind I thought you meant 0.02.
>wait, I’M retarded?
If it goes that high in the first place you’d be an idiot to sell right in the middle of the moon mission. You’d get jettisoned out to space and no one would cry for you.

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one sec fren. im cleaning the toilet

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Explain to a retard what he's looking at

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poopoo peepee poopy pooper

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>have mid five figures crypto portfolio
>also have painful hemorrhoids

what do

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>bought .50
>sold .45
>bought .40
>sold .35
Am I doing this right

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I'm in BTWN because of the managers. If they do end up with Tokopedia/Gojek merger it will be worth a long term hold beyond the initial news pump. It's not a big position for me though.

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Is a 0.250 limit dumb right now or am I gonna get in on the big dip before liftoff?

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yes hello I am stuck in the toilet also when is the squeeze and who are these strangers on my board

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They re-leveged from 140 to 260, its extended another 6 days.

Worried we're gonna get bled like a pig

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