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>Fuck this Satanic kike nation. Burn it to the ground. The founding fathers would be torturing our politicians to death on livestream if they were around to witness the atrocity we've become. Im literally praying to whatever dark God will answer the call that nightmarish suffering be unleashed upon this country. Everyone from rich to poor deserves it. The rich for obvious reasons and the middle class and poor for their cowardice and complacency.

Good news doomer. All you have to do is wait a few months then.

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Not when the school has 800 dorm rooms for 10000 students.

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>Name: Joseph Rahn
>Birthyear: 1987
>Virginity: Long Term Hold
>Mission: JUST

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Prepare your asshole

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You are the pain

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A fool and his gold are soon parted.

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>Highschool dropout
>Long time NEET untill recently
>Body already failing
>Missed the Golden bullrun despite being in 4chan since 2007
>Tried suspension strangulation but too much of a pussy to go trough with it

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BTC Dominance at all time low, 36%. Watch for this to crack 30% on this leg down.

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>started investing in crypto a month ago and been holding ever since
>$130 in the red of a $250 initial investment
when do i start making money this shit is ridiculous

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>only up 1000% since 3 weeks ago

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About 7 months ago I was standing on the street corner peddling water bottles and soda like I had been doing since losing my job 3 years earlier (I have problems with authority). I usually ride the bus to more "upscale" neighborhoods because I can jack up the price.

One day a man in a black Mercedes pulled up to the stoplight where I was hustling, I approached his car and waved at him holding a sign I had Vistaprint make for me during a $4.99 promotion. As the light turned green and was about to drive off, he rolled down his window, flipped me off and yelled "GO BE POOR SOMEWHERE ELSE!". He meant it as an insult, but that advice changed my life forever! Why am I being poor in my hometown when I could be poor ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD???

I logged onto my laptop and started searching through travel hacking blogs. I opened a bunch of airline rewards credit cards (for the bonus) and shut them down 3-4 months later. I had amassed enough bonus points to fly to the holy land of Cambodia.

I pay only $40 a month for rent here and get free wifi at my coworking space I pay $25 a month for. Food is also cheap here, although I mainly just eat rice.

This is the supreme lifestyle, I'm living like a world traveling king on a pesants dollar. You'd have to be a fool not to do it.

Go be poor somewhere else, MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. And leave us alone already.

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