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ETH cucks get very butthurt and emotional whenever this pasta is posted.

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>ETH is the only smart contract blockchain that institutional investors and normies know and care about

Literally open and use your useless eyeballs to decipher the content of the OP image you complete fucking cretin.

Show me where JP Morgan, Citi, KKR, Fidelity and the like are building solutions on Ethereum itself. No, not a fucking ETF, I'm not interested in Blackrock making fees from rubes who want to speculate on the boy genius fraudster paedo apologist Vitalik, I'm talking actually building on top of Ethereum.

Because they fucking aren't interested in either the joke-chain itself or the clown-chains that orbit it with various flavours of third-rate, centralised shitware, you stupid cunt.

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>"scaling" via L2s

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>inb4 poomar shits the thread with telegram fud pastas

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botniggers get the rope

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Good, godspeed OP

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read again >>56125503
because apparently you cant read gud.
>But again this is a DOT thread
I dont give a shit.

not your keys not your coins, another mouthbreather about to learn it the hard way.

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>He doesn't

>and no one is using avax
Everyone is gonna use Avalanche, its already getting adopted by institutions because Subnets are fully customizable.

>yet again another ghost chain
wrong again, its the only Blockchain network that can actually scale.
there is currently thousands of Subnets on testnet.
Avalanche is thanks to its new Consensus mechanism the most Decentralized network out there, they solved the trilemma.

you can proceed to cope and seethe

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Emin Gün Sirer:
>Cornell CS Prof has been in crypto since BEFORE BTC (Karma2003)
>exCo Director of IC3 joined up with Ted Yin and invented Avalanche Consensus
>close partnership with the Chainlink team
>Vitalik endorses EGS & acknowledged Avalanche is a Breakthrough on par with BTC
>is for decentralization and Censorship resistance
>el33th4xor farms gigabrains from top unis for Ava Labs

Avalanche protocol:
>third consensus protocol after Nakamotos PoW & Classical
>basically consensus is reached by probabilistic sampling thousands of independent nodes over multiple rounds
>This is not repackaged shit with minimal tinkering here and there its a completely new type of Consensus Protocol
>4500+ REAL TPS (no bullshit tricks, batching, or centralized L2)
>can scale to MILLIONS of Validators while maintaining high tps & sub second finality
>highest Nakamoto coefficient
>Node hardware requirements are low
>Resists 51% attacks (would need 80%)

Tokenomics & Profit:
>AVAX needed for staking on nodes & delegating to nodes
>needed to participate in governance of the network
>fees are burned (also when Subnets, Blockchains & other assets are created)
>9% APY + delegator reward% + Subnet Rewards
>only requirement to receive the rewards is 90% node uptime

>subnets can be launched on Avalanche with near infinite customization
>"Blockchain as a Service" to tokenize all the Assets in the World
>Chainlink Subnet is in the works but also 1000s of other subnets from gaming to finance to CBDCs to payment providers everything is possible on Avalanche
>AVAX node may be a member of many subnets & earn additional rewards from them all!

Full EVM support:
>All ETH infrastructure can work on AVAX out of the box
>C-Chain (EVM) Subnet is constantly improved
>C-Chain mirrored the best parts of the entire ETH ecosystem and improved on many ideas giving it all the TPS, scalability, speed and interoperability that it needs for the next stage

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le twitter fud >>55911320
kys Poomar
Sell, also post screencap
if you're not larping (which I highly doubt so), AVAX is a long-term hodl, if you're too weakhanded then you might be better hodling vaporware ponzis, they're most likely to have a little pump in the short term.
However, once AVAX takes off, it's over, you'll get outpriced forever, zoom out and check the chart if you're skeptical.

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Note that no big companies are signing up with Ethereum.

Literally no adoption whatsoever.

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Hello, I have Avalanche tokens (ticker: AVAX)

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You sound kinda aggressive friend, this thread is only for good vibes.

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Hey mofugger I got the AVAX

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