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>Here in Europe we
Live in ways and believe things that (ostensibly) free people intensely disagree with, which is why our ancestors left you in the first place. You can think we are retarded all you want, but the problems with our way of life only ever arose from being too soft on faggots who think like you who ended up begging to be let in for economic opportunity. Should've just let the wops and micks and germans suffer outside because they never really believed in being free, they just wanted some extra goybux to spend,
just like (you).
Now they outnumber the native free peoples and their cousins across the pond mock us for the problems their kin engendered. Fair enough, lesson learned...

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>reason with leftists

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This is a long way to go for a larp, please stop.

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>spent years on a degree in weeb hobbies

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Wow. JIDF cuckposting. Extremely bullish.

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stay poor, nigger

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How's the weather in Tel Aviv today you hook-nosed cretin?

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>My brain can't grasp how the subject matter related to XRP and economics so I'm just going to cry off topic until you talk about something I like

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Imagine being this brain dead

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Faggots, cucks and Jewish pawns.
All of you into the gas chamber.

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