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>They are all Sayanim or Mossad plants
without a doubt

>they got found out.
I guess we're seeing their retaliation
they would rather burn down the world and hold innocents hostage than be held responsible for their crimes

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>Now is come the final era of the Sibyl's song

On the day of judgment, he will be spared who has done service.
Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, man and true eternal God, from Heaven will come to judge and to everyone will give what is fair.
Great fire from the heaven will come down; seas, fountains and rivers, all will burn. Fish will scream loudly and in horror losing their natural delights.
Before the Judgement the Antichrist will come and will give suffering to everyone,
and will make himself be served like God, and who does not obey he will make die.
His reign will be very short; in these times under his power will die martyrs, all at once those two saints, Elijah and Enoch.
The sun will lose its light showing itself dark and veiled, the moon will give no light and the whole world will be sorrow.
To the evil ones he will say very sourly: —Go, damned, into the torment! Go into the eternal fire with your prince of Hell!
To the good he will say: —My children, come! Lucky ones, you possess the kingdom I have kept for you ever since the world was created!
Oh humble Virgin! May you who have given birth to Child Jesus on this night, pray to your son so he will want to keep us from Hell!

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chainlink twitter, they've got some good stuff

>zoomers wont do shit because this is just the world they live in. they dont know anybetter
unfortunately most of them will be cannon fodder if they don't wake the fuck up quickly

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>According to 42 nothing is going to happen
I’ve been saying the world is going to end since March 16th
There’s a reason I keep spamming the movies “knowing” and “Greenland”
And they keep removing the trailers for greenland

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>two words:
>another two words:
>is everyone ready?

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>Alas for the day! for the day of the Lord is at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come.

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>What you jacobin satanists didn’t realize is that you’re not moving forward, you’re spiraling down to hell.
Time is up

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>Soon it will all be clean.

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>Upon this massive meteorite hit, it is not a right way to portray the events
the movie doesn't mention any meteorite
rather a coronal ejection from the sun wipes out the earth
the real story is probably more akin to a shift of the earth's axis as is explained here:

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