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>movies operate the same as fintech

1. it doesn't make it any less dependent on other crypto chains - it's success is still 100% reliant upon the success of at least one other cryptocurrency atm

2. the "team" page on their site doesn't load 75% of the time, so it's tough to do dd. Paul Atkins was appointed by a VERY business friendly president, which may not necessarily translate to today's regulatory environment - let alone if a democrat is elected in 2020

3. i thought the basket held "real" assets, like real estate, bonds, and stocks... holding stable coins is objectively worse, because it not only depends on the issuing companies, but again, the whole state of crypto

why would someone use RSR over the backing basket of USDC, TUSD, or PAX? because they want to use a non-fiat correlated crypto (assuming RSR drops fiat-backed stablecoins)? then why wouldn't they just use BTC, ETH, XMR? because they want to use a fast crypto? then why not NANO, BEAM, GRIN?

RSR seems like it's taking extra steps to try and make things convenient, but it's really just complicating it's purpose by feigning "asset backing" - if you want a stable crypto, use a fiat-backed one. if you want detached crypto, use anything else

what is the purpose or RSR, RSD, and RSV?

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