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What's stopping me from just drawing pixels in paint and saying its bitcoin ? after all it's just pixels on a screen

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Oh right, cryptic is a greek word. Aliens and MANIPULATION.

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which countries hold crypto?

who's buying in?

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I was a poor high school and college student originalfren, in deep (ideologically) since before the infamous BTC Pizzas on /g/.

I had mined 0.1BTC on my incredibly shitty Dell Inspiron and even with back of the napkin math I'd be making at max a couple BTC a year on the thing in a pool.

I remember it being used on the still up Silk Road, and shitting my pants when a friend told me in weights class that BTC was worth $30, with a fucking $ in front of it. I made him sell at $120. Mt Gox wasn't that much later, relatively speaking

I was full sell on the idea though for all of late highschool and early college though even mid and post-gox, I just had no fucking money once there was a decent on-ramp to buy Bitcoin back at $300.

I would not shut up about Bitcoin to people, giving them 6 hour lectures that I'd distilled and hardened from explaining over and over, eventually starting the cryptocurrency club at my college. I did a friend a favor to the tune of a few BTC to buy some shit online, and he paid me on venmo, which I was rightly concerned at the time would force a few days long wait.

It did.

It never once came meaningfully under my price again, instant moon after several months in the few hundred dollar range. At that point I'd profited maybe $1k total lifetime, which is the most money I'd ever had anyway.

I knew there were altcoins, but we called all of them shitcoins when shitpost still meant shit content nobody wants to see, and shitcoins still were shit projects nobody wanted part of. There was BTC, LTC, DOGE, and then experimental deep cuts like Namecoin and fucking Auroracoin, and nobody cared about those.


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Pedo Bear
A Play
By Biz Anon
Act One
>wait, no, too fast, let's that Prologue be Epilogue.

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I don't get it, people want 3x, 5x, 10x profits, why don't they just trade eth on leverage? ETH makes 1%-2% moves several times a day, on 50x leverage, there's your 100% profit in a few minutes. Plus, you have liquidity. So if you want to take larger positions, you can easily get in and out of your trades. Plus, you can short, which you can't do with most other shitcoins. Plus, your stack remains in BTC (at least on bitmex) so you don't get BTFO'd when bitcoin moons and alts inevitably take a shit. Plu, eth's price is tougher to manipulate, so you don't get mega-dumped on by some pajeet pump group. Can someone tell what the negatives are?

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how many FET to become a FET chad?

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At what price will you sell all your ETH?

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Last weeks prediction of SPY 286 low bounce to 300 before June still in play. I SHALL BE THE NOSTRADAMUS.

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Will we meet up when we make it?
/Biz/nessmeeting when where?

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Red pill me anons

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Hey fren. Investing in parking lots doesn't seem the best idea as we are moving towards automation and self-driving cars. Unless of course you somehow snag a corporate deal where Google pays you monthly to store their fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Have you considered buying LINK instead?

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New Zealand and Australia ban internet access to ZeroHedge, and a couple days later the U.S. Treasury yield curve inverts.

What do you think they meant by this??

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i love degenerately gambling on obscure meme coin advice taken from a Tibetan sandal fabrication forum. Of course im all in.

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Here is a freebie, works on any coin in any market. Slow but reliable, low stress. Send me a tip if you decide to use my algo.


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does it work with just weed?

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Okay so everyone is really tired of concern trolling and regular trolling by various parties with projects that even the worst investors on biz know to stay away from (LTO,LINK,SV...ect). RIGHT NOW, as they read those coins they are writing some kind of reply to direct even more attention twords these coins despite OP's post. These people operate on the same level of cockroaches. They will consume any energy available, it doesnt matter if it is an ally or a foe. How do you get rid of such a creature? SUPER FUCKING SIMPLE. We live in 1st world countries, 99% of them dont. Lets just make it too expensive for them to post here. I suggest a community driven coin (LuckyBit?). We make the ICO in such a way that if you cant afford to drop 1k on the token, its unlikely you would be able to afford it later at a significant discount. It needs to be a stake based coin that way if they decide to pool their money together they lose a sizable chunk of it to the stake. Eventually yes, they will accumulate coins, but at that point just raise post cost minimum to edge out these people. Seriously I want them out, brainstorm with me brothers.

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its an insane gamble.
not only because CSW is a very shady, questionable figure, but simultaneously because the scope of BSV is even higher than that of BTC.
CSW might very well be a literally insane scammer and MEANWHILE BSV aims to become exponentially more than even the current internet.
basically if CSW's claims are true, even a tiny fraction of a BSV would make you rich and if they aren't, its eventually going to 0 because of mining cost.
i would most likely describe it as a 1:10.000 bet with a 100.000.000:1 outcome.
if you like that idea, put money into it. who the fuck actually knows.

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Yep. See now I used to be very talkative as a kid. And also touchie feelie but that's a different category of problem. Anyway, it was brought to my attention that people did not want to hear my talking. So I talk less. People are less snippy with me if I don't open my mouth and reveal power level and wokeness. It's alright.

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fuck u guys i'm opening a long. you fuckers are gonig to get wrecked shorting this pamp.

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Protip: unless you are very skilled; you do not do this. True skill comes from enjoying what you do, so if your skill is not marketable then you are stuck as a cog in the machine. Copying what others are doing to freelance only works short-term. You will always be pulled in by the gravity of wagecucking unless your skill is truly exceptional. Money is not freedom, skill is. I wish my father told me this when I was young.

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what are BTC futures?

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