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>you dumb shit
ask yourself what has got you so hot and bothered?
I'm just posting my opinion and roosting in this thread
why are you still here?
you really want to die on this hill?

>for smoothbrains like you, hue-mans like me seem like an impossibility



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>Another post: The One thing noone has realized is If/When The Nobody Quickens and Becomes Manifest There are 144,000 Souls/Bodys/Brains (Those who are Sealed) come On Line as they are Linked to the Manifested ONE.

someone mentioned that chainlink passed 144,000 addresses on Father's Day
gives me a "big think"
>pic related

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>twitch is an internet ghetto
>who cares
>come to /biz/ where the real money makers and shakers congregate
same goes for the other ghettos
4chan (fortran) is where the real programming happens

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another John the Baptist, just like Jonathan Kleck:

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>Without faith they will not survive the upcoming transition. The children of the Kingdom are more powerful naturally than the armies of this world. And baby God is omnipotent to the adults of this realm.

>/nobody/ posting on /x/ is total cancer.
nobody posting on /biz/ is /42/

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>Time travel?
No, inversion

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>Do you know, because of the virus it has somehow become a trend here in the UK to put up pictures of rainbows on your window,
interesting, didn't know that

>I always remember your posts when I see them, rainbows everywhere in the face of the virus
haha nice

>how do you account for the suffering from disease and deformity?
some religions speculate that it's bad karma from previous lives
I don't think so, even though in some cases spiritual or mental problems can manifest as physical ailments
regarding being born in such a way, it comes down to the nature of human reproduction. It allows for variety which enables us to be stronger as a species (varied immune systems, bodies adapted to their geographic climates, etc.) but that also means there are chances for people to be born with disabilities or freak mutations.

You can call it physics if you prefer, you can't get a benefit without paying for it with a cost in another area. There is no "free lunch", someone always has to pay in the end. Thermodynamics spells this out, but it applies to many other facets of life and not just the material world.

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>In 1989 Penrose published The Emperor's New Mind [23], which was followed in 1994 by Shadows of the Mind [24]. Critical of the viewpoint of ‘strong artificial intelligence’ (‘strong AI’), according to which all mental processes are entirely computational, both books argued, by appealing to Gödel's theorem and other considerations, that certain aspects of human consciousness, such as understanding, must be beyond the scope of any computational system, i.e. ‘non-computable’. Non-computability is a perfectly well-defined mathematical concept, but it had not previously been considered as a serious possibility for the result of physical actions.

>The non-computable ingredient required for human consciousness and understanding, Penrose suggested, would have to lie in an area where our current physical theories are fundamentally incomplete, though of important relevance to the scales that are pertinent to the operation of our brains. The only serious possibility was the incompleteness of quantum theory—an incompleteness that both Einstein and Schrödinger (and also Dirac) had recognized, despite quantum theory having frequently been argued to represent the pinnacle of 20th century scientific achievement. This incompleteness is the unresolved issue referred to as the ‘measurement problem’, which we consider in more detail below, in Section 4.3. One way to resolve it would be to provide an extension of the standard framework of quantum mechanics by introducing an objective form of quantum state reduction—termed ‘OR’ (objective reduction)

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Thank you for your kind words
And it’s a well known phenomena that once you think of something, your perception focuses on it and it begins to appear. You can do it with the number “42” but also with many other concepts (not just numbers).

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The weak point for modern scientists is that they’re “theories” are not mathematically rigorous.
If your theory is not mathematically rigorous then it is, by definition, a fiction

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