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Who can use this token?
Unlike many competitor tokens that have had ICOs and thus ruled out a US investment, Relex did not have an ICO.
As someone who personally believes that companies that have not yet proven their valuations of $50,000,000 should not be handed this money before doing any work, Relex choosing to not have an ICO makes me feel more confident that this company will work hard to prove its value. Too many cryptos just rake in profits from an ICO and then exit scam. Relex, which did not have an ICO, must work hard to earn its value, and it’s doing just that.
In addition, Relex has an office in New Jersey. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another blockchain company that puts a United States address down; most companies flee overseas to avoid regulation, compliance, and/or prosecution after an exit scam. Relex did not: they have an office in NJ and their parent company, Squawk Advisors, is from Chicago.
Relex is also in process of receiving approval from the SEC and FINRA. Relex is CIF indexed through its parent company, Squawk Advisors, with the SEC.

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