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Signalling wealth is actually true, evolutionary remnants of considering mate's worth by how bright feathers/butt/ears are.

Marketing is actually milking this concept to the fullest. Products popular with midwits have the biggest logos to signal to other midwits that they 'made it'. You can tell with high degree of certainty if the person is good with money by looking at the their clothes (conspicuous logos or other brand indicators) or name dropping people/places. That's all there is to it.
Old money and smarter people either live frugally or buy really expensive stuff that does not have any visible logos.
Smart women know that to become a CEO's wife you need to marry a smart and ambitious junior analyst. The rest dream of bagging an actual CEO.

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can't tell if serious

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>since ICO

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Many bullion dealers have been in this business for decades and can identify fakes with a wide array of tools like scanners and acid tests. I'm sure they will buy it from some 23 year old /biz/nessman without question.
Just don't spill spaghetti like some autistic kid...wait.

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fugg bruh this is why i buy boomer rocks

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>goyimg tryna jew the jews
never gonna make it
buy gold and silver you dum dum

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they are the same thing technically, the thing is video game skins are more volatile, people could lose interest in the game or skin, the game could introduce better even more rare skins or the game could just stop being played.
crypto doesn't have to worry about people moving on to the next thing as much.

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If dropshipping is really as easy as OP claims then why is it so profitable...

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