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It's time to pay for your schadenfreude, Bobo

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Also idk if you noticed, but the emptying of the coomex vaults is accelerating. Now only 71Moz left (compared to 149Moz when the "silver squeeze" started in 2021).

And silver isn't the only casualty, gold vaults are getting depleted at a ridiculous fast pace too.

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>look at cryptowatch top 20 chart
>every day buy what's red
>sell what's green
find a flaw in this plan

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Bump for interest

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I wonder what's a realistic exit price?

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Trying to get in on this making redditors hold some bags. What are my chances AMC and GME will get meme stocked through the roof when biden hands out free gibs?

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intredasting, wish I wasn't a stacklet, hopefully it dumps again before then.

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Every single coin I own doesn't have a value in etherscan.
This is how you win. You buy shit so early that you have absurd amounts then trade back to eth.
You fags need to get in on this GIL shit.

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I used to buy books all the time now I just buy crypto. My shelves are stacked and I wish I could get rid of them all but when I go to sell one I can’t do it

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>some kids PhD dissertation
>ungodly 1 million dollars given for free
This is certainly something but that ain't it, captain. Just have a suicide stack in hand, because this is about to get crazy.

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You still have 2k more than you did before. Your mom will be proud when you make 50k this year fren

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LTC, XMR will go back to ATH. TRX might revisit ATH, Justin pumps are quite nasty and scams tend to pump the hardest.

Rotated my DeFi profits into LTC, hopefully I get enough time to accumulate in that 145-155 range, the BTC pair looks primed to me.

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>mfw this whole fiasco only validates my 100% VTSAX boomercore portfolio

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Do it push it to $50 right now dare ya.

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>I'm still in the black even after gas fees
who the fuck buys a meme coin at the ATH

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Not worried at all. Holding

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god I hope this post turns out to be true. I'm cash gang aside what I have in gme and I would love nothing more than to make a mountain of money on gamestop then buy up the ruins of an economy that should have cratered into the center of the universe ages ago

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Based RobinHood protecting retards from themselves.

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Over $8 now.

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.30 EOM??

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.30 EOM?

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I just bought a couple thousand. Please end high

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>They didn't buy SNX on this delicious dip...
Oh fucking boy you have till the 5th of Jan GEt THe FUCK in Here for L2.

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