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rolling for generational wealth

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I work for my dad's construction company and I can probably help you out.
>there's pretty much zero assets leftover from it
what do you mean? no one running the business anymore? construction can be very lucrative, but it comes with a lot of headaches. if you have a type-a personality and the drive, you can do well. start with learning the trade and get a contractor's license once you can.
how much revenue does the company pull in? is it a general contracting company?

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Whole market is absolutely melting holy shit. -4.29% on vti. -2% on the MSCI EAFE.

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Just you try it, I'll liquidate your shorts and run away with your cash.

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there's thinkers, like your friend that went to college, and then there's doers, like your dumb as rock friend. there's plenty of people that aren't particularly bright, but they roll with the punches and get things done. Your friend that went to college probably overanalyzes everything and fails when something unanticipated happens.

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it pisses off trannies and gypsies
personnally im all-in

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I want to all in TQQQ, why is this a bad idea

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we should make a discord, and have an anon make a fake website of a fake company with a google voice number. he will be the company's HR/reference, and throw him $10 when they call him regarding our experience. if we don't pay the $10 he will call back and say we never worked there.

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good job anon

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how did you learn to code? and what languages? did you lie on your resume?

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Apperantly there are health benefits to drinking urine. Can anyone give me a quick rundown on this?

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quite simply, there is a natural limit to gaypox. There are only so many homo sexhaving men in the world, and it's not even that high (like <5% of the population)

Given this do you still think siga will be worth trillions?

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you know what, you're right im setting an alarm for 9am tommrow to do s

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How do you practice interviews? If you land an interview and you interview well, you'll get the job.

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Yes, hello.

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Also known as business. Discussion for business and hustles. How are you making money outside of stonks and crypto?

I just started middle-manning for a niche field and making some side cash. What do you guys do to make money aside from 9-5?
bobo is knocking on your door

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henlo fren who is dis

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I don't need to argue with some gorilla nigger tier iq jeet or a discord tranny. Everything there was to argue or discuss about LINK has already been done. Now we just wait. You will not and have not ever made anyone sell their LINK nor influence their decision making. Your life is empty and filled with negativity.

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institutional investors own 0.2% of real estate. they're not exactly tipping the scales.

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This is true for the vast majority of "crypto"

But, Bitcoin is not "crypto" bitcoin is bitcoin. A decentralized currency. Much akin to gold and is going to be regulated like gold. As a commodity. The government in the US is already going over this. Meanwhile faggy ETH and all the shit coins it spawned are going to sink because they will be treated as securities which have much harsher penalties and regulations than commodities. Everything on the etherium network will be brought to trial one by one and whether they are securities or commodities will be decided one by one.

The only other acceptation to this is Monero which doesn't have to give a single shit about the market at all

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Stupid fags would rather talk about their shitcoin losses this week rather than making bank by hiring a team of filipino VA's doing their 5 remote jobs.

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dick and balls
LINK to $100 by EOW

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Some guy who interviewed today sent me $10 for coffee lmao.

What a delusional cuck.

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nothing so far suggests this would happen except theorising schizophrenics

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