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get paid pupper

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I love this gay board

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Taxfag here. You did it right. Being in the 25% tax bracket doesn't mean 25% of all your income goes to taxes. It means 0% of your first $X is taxed, then 10% of your next $Y is taxes, then the remainder is taxed at 25%. The result is in the 25% bracket you probably only pay 15% effectively. If you are really curious, check these tables. https://www.irs.com/articles/2020-federal-tax-rates-brackets-standard-deductions/

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Give it to me straight fellas, where would a burger put his money into aside from gold if these doomsday scenarios actually come to fruition?

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It's 1. One.

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What was paid in the past is irrelevant. Going into the future you can hold either the embarassment of owning tumblr, or hold $20M. No-brainer.

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Cut off of all neetbux or just the extra $100? Sounds like a good deal man, go to welfare business school. They might even give you a loan to start a business, which you could then use to buy link.

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>Making projections on a 4hr time frame

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Are you guys really this dumb, or are you LARPing? She stole $100 then came in and bought shit like a normal customer. The owner is out $100. One could argue that the owner experiences a profit on the $100 in goods she bought, reducing his loss, but the problem does not indicate his gross margin on goods, so there is no way to calculate that.

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Was it just the two of you talking? If so, she wants the D, just take her out. If not, it's too risky for a wagecuck.

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No there aren't. Prove me wrong with timestamped tits.

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It's value is a paradox
It has value specifically because it has no intrinsic value. It's made to be pure money and therefore isn't held back by limitations of currency-commodities like gold, rice, or cowrie shells.

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ITT: Pic related

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Crypto is topping and I hope you're all getting out this time. We had an ok run, but all the numbers say this shit's done for now. You'll read this, but you probably won't take it seriously. At least try to remember this post in a couple weeks when you're beating yourself up, learning is always good.

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GNMX next moon mission. Mark my words

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why would you discuss anything else when link is obviously the best investment

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Thinking about investing into AMD stocks, because Intel has problems with the 14nm production right now. The 8700k is up 30% right now and the prices for the mainboards are rising too. Also Nvidea published this overpriced graphics cards that literally improve fps by only like 20%. So if AMD brings out new cards now they might see a pretty nice increase. What do you think?

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I even put in 15$ eth because im a smart boy! When i have to withdraw it in a few years, i won't need to send eth!

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What coin do i go into now that i figured out IDEX?
if i do holotoken i can get like 40k...
its between HOT, UBT, LBA, and SCT...
whats the best one to go into?!??

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6.8k end of may/start of june

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Why would a cup and handle ever make a significant or discernible handle if everyone can recognize it as what it is?

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