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im drinking at 4 in the morning so that's the only reason your retarded fud is getting any reply. I can respect good fud but this is just really sloppy and weird. Thank the Lord that anyone who matters is asleep right now so they cannot witness our shared shame.

1. some employee at a company, giving out potentially valuable information for no official reason is not to be trusted. Doesn't matter if it is positive or negative - See omg skateboard incident

2. You, and this chump, talk about a "partnership" Where have you been for the last couple years? Who wants partnerships? LINK isn't a company. LINK only works as a decentralized oracle NETWORK. The network will (should?) run off of customers that pay data managers in order to offload RISK. "Partnerships" completely run contrary to the only reason anyone is excited about this shitty erc-10 token with a 2 man team.

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I can't hate the man, he wants to go into space. I can't hate anybody that wants into space. Not even Poland.

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Bullrun for another 6 years.
Bullrun forever when we go into SPESS
it's been speculated that stock markets would crash if we were to ever go into space because of cheap metal commodities and shit
I dare to speculate the opposite of this consensus

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