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You're speaking far far too technical. A normie who just got $200 from grandma isn't going to look into the tech and what it's used for. He's seen Bitcoin on the news and wants some but he doesn't want a small portion, instead opts to get a whole one of the silver lower value version.

That's it, that's all that matters to the normie money coming in.

No one gives a fuck about Eth use case, they don't care about Chainlink, nano, xrp what it does and what it's for.

I swear some of you in this board try to be way smarter than you are and end up going backwards back into retardedness.

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> You faggots bought your faggot ass cheap stack of 2 k at 2$ link and sold right back to market makers at around 4$

Yeah, fuck you kids and your $20,000 profit in 1 night...

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