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this is top tier quality, op

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"I want to be a human being, not a human doing"

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Daily reminder there is a CME gap at $3.5k and every single gap must get filled.

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Holy fucking snowflake... shit earnings and its up 14%.

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One of my holdings is up by 0.86%.

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this actually turned a really shit day to a good one.

Especially when you factor in that I have NO FUCKING CLUE what to do with said token nor have I ever used uniswap. kek

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Likewise, feeling pretty comfy

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I too enjoy playing Kingdom Come

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So long, FAG95.

You are truly the best coomer on /biz/.

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They can't even ban people, jannies are truly the lowest part of 4chan hierarchy.

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what's this? the polish girl has competition?

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Colonel here, been holding since ICO. Thanks for making me a millionaire.

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the absolute madman. Include me in the screencap once he is liquidated

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Should I swap 25 ETH for Chainlink? Tryin to swing trade for more ETH

>inb4 swinglinkers get the noose

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based fren party

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32 percent of Americans did not make a full on-time housing payment in July, up slightly from 30 percent in June.
Missed payments continue to concentrate among renters, young and low-income households, and residents of dense urban areas.

>over a third of households can't pay for housing
>meanwhile house prices continue to rise

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Kek confirms

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How come degenerate shitcoiners not realize that shilling their coin is about equivalent to shilling a pennystock? Sure, you may get returns by holding, but do they really matter if you're PnD'ing?

It's literally the opposite of how you're supposed to trade and manage risk, but I guess retards need to start somewhere.

I'd rather trade options, manage my risk, and have a livable income.

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okay, nigger

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I’ve been thinking similar shit. Basically just middle man the loan from the bank to crypto.com they offer 12% interest on usdc and a going secured personal loan rate with good credit is 5.55%. The coin price stays fixed obviously but the risk is they pay you in MCO I believe. And that might be the fucked part but if they issue interest based on spot price, then you immediately sell you should be gucci. But maybe they’ll pay in the denominator currency of the loan? Idk I’ve been curious about this and maybe it’s a good way to buy into crypto and avoid fees. Basically dyor but the risk is trusting usdc or dai will be stable, that the interest paid will cover the loan payment if paid in MCO and it dips hard, and you’re willing to risk your credit score and being stuck with the loan if crypto.com defaults which is entirely possible with these attractive rates. That’s the gamble.

TLDR you could convince him to take out a loan for usdc, lend it to crypto.com and use the interest paid to buy into your choice crypto and pay back the loan.

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