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you did buy SCORT right? only 2 hours old with liquidity locked in unicrypt. 13k circulating tokens. you can actually be early for once



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>ScortSwap is aiming to be a global companionship service that'll enable users to be able to interact with models from across the globe in a decentralized manner without any sign up. User's will be able to connect in chat rooms, hang out in VIP booths, & much more. Choose to embark on exciting adventures & experiences at your very fingertips.

Token just launched an hour ago. Even if you don't believe in the project, realize that paying for adult services with crypto is every sweaty NEET faggot's dream. Not to mention unlimited meme potential. According to my expert analysis, this is a potential moonshot.


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Link: https://www.scortswap.com/

Currently in presale on unicrypt: https://www.unicrypt.network/presale/0x004Ec20B6A74021E4EffFa045C26B63b577FCaA7

Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0xD9993268C62809888c0DA34638347992Fe27dbC5

Contract: 0xD9993268C62809888c0DA34638347992Fe27dbC5

I'm telling you faggots, sex sells. This is the future of sex work. Presale is 160 SCORT / 1 ETH

Don't be stupid anons. Invest in this cockrocket that has nowhere to go but the moon.
Small window to get in and if you wanna throw some money towards a shitcoin with potential that reddit fags don't know about, its time to pick up SCORT.

Do you want tits as coins? SCORT
Do you want to make money? SCORT
Are you a massive faggot? SCORT

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