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fellow >>56396534 anon already explained, godspeed

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Seethe niggers

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They don't, it's only (you) Poomar larping as a marine.
Also "condom cum" ID kek, get fucked.

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>Sergey says every Bank will have its own Blockchain
>Sergey cites the ANZ example
>ANZ Works with Ava Labs

LINK and AVAX Bros keep winning.

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yes, everyone that matters agrees that Tokenization will be HUGE. Tokenization will happen through Chainlink and Avalanche.


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>tradfi or some company decides to tokenize all their assets and business logic on chain
>they start up an Avalanche Subnet which doesnt even take a minute to do
>they directly purchase AVAX to stake it or they pay a Blockchain Provider Service like Ava Cloud to do it for them
>by launching the Subnet they instantly hook up to all the chainlink oracles they need to build their product
>their Subnet aka their dedicated appchain pays for chainlink oracle services with its revenue
>as the usecase scales they launch more Subnet Validators and stake more AVAX
>more users means also more fees are paid to Chainlink
>More LINK and more AVAX is staked as they both generate massive profits and everyone knows these are the backbone of Web 3.0
>less LINK and AVAX is in circulation = price goes up

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LINKAVAX fuddies completely BTFO'd by themselves
oh no oh nono delete fast Poomar before your manager sees it! lmao

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Avalanche Subnets will tokenize all the Assets in the World.
Chainlink will provide the Data for this Network of Subnets.

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>they are absolutely not the same.
Avalanche Subnets will tokenize all the Assets in the World.
Chainlink will provide the Data for this Network of Subnets.

LINK and AVAX are the God Protocols.

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Listen OP, I'm gonna spoonfeed you only once:
Every single alt that isn't AVAX, LINK and ETH is a worthless vaporware ponzi. Literally nothing else matters.

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you need to learn the basics.
>read the Chainlink Whitepaper.
>read the Avalanche Whitepaper.
>read about DeFi
>read about trading and how to read a chart
>set up accounts on exchanges, tradingview and Metamask, secure your keys and learn how to use twitter and telegram
>join Chainlink, Avalanche and DeFi communities
>become part of the 4th Industrial revolution and make it

here some videos for you to watch:
if you read and watched all this then you already know more than most people in this market and you will make it if you put that knowledge to work.

godspeed my nigger

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This is an AVAX & LINK board, if you don't like it you can go back to plebbit with the rest of the faggots.

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whats your excuse not buying the God Protocols Chainlink (Ticker $LINK) and Avalanche (Ticker $AVAX)?
Both Tokens are needed and fullfill a crucial role in the future of Web3 so if you buy you will make it in a couple month/years and its basically guaranteed that you make it.

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Based OP

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in 2018 when I read the Team Rocket paper

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The Chainlink Subnet will be Huge, basically Chainlink can launch their own high performance Subnets dedicated to all kinds of oracle information.
They get Complete isolation of their activity away from competing Dapps and maintain fast sub second finality and low fees and thanks to the new trustless Subnet to Subnet Warp messaging technology that Ava Labs cooked up they can make all that Oracle information available to any other Subnet no matter what VM they run, that makes Bootstrapping any Blockchain and trustless Datafeeds a matter of minutes while also massively reducing the costs.
It would also give the Chainlink Token an additional Staking usecase as Chainlink will have many different Subnets and some of these Subnets would be open to any Avalanche Validator.
These Validators will need to Stake LINK with AVAX to validate that Subnet and maybe have other requirements like KYC or additional Hardware requirements.
Scaling the Validator set also increases performance, safety and gives Chainlink more decentralization. its a true win/win situation here.
AVAX Bros and LINK Marines working together, a beautiful sight to behold.

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>but only in the case where everything in the future is built on Avalanche subnets.
that is the future.
a glorious Avalanche and Chainlink future awaits us. its all true, its fact. as predicted.

you accept this ultimate truth or degrade into an Arbitroon, a Methhead or ROSEcuck (they will never make it).

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Avalanche had 3700 attendees in Barcelona earlier this year.

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good for me.

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emin is based kek

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blessed and based

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