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im comfy af, just bought 250 xom this morning.
having 352 xom and 1k rdsb.
50% of my folio is oil corps

getting 600$ divvy per quarter is comfy af desu

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Train Dispatcher here.
My job consists of basically pressing 2 buttons for every 2 tracks we have on a pre Boomerish "user interface" from 1960 and sleep another 2 hours until the very next train come.
Either sleeping or shitposing here doesnt matter for.
Oh yea and i get more money for this job than some college mbs bachelor and im a highschool diploma only trainee 2 years boy

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Mfw i have like 4 weeks of paid off vacation since last week.
Mfw i already hat called in sick for like 3 Weeks already this year
Mfw i thank god live in germany and not in corporate murrica and get paid my fully wage while not attending job place.
Mfw there are neets here in germany living off from 400 bucks a month and me getting 2.5k€ after tax for only attending work 2 weeks a month
Mfw i will get a raise around 500 net end of this year for doing less.
Thanks neetfags

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Yeah whatever you say.
China managed to control it after 1 or 2 month and they are going back to business as normal.
Summer is right ahead and its going to helf against the virus.
You can start buying small positions right now but just buy right now because its already on record lows.
if you didnt buy, you'll buy now.


What are you talking about?
The fed is pumping Trillion of dollars into the market and our life is the same as it was before.
Nothing is going to change. Our social economic system is too deep envolving our daily life.

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Bought 5 shares of Boeing for 289€ per share.
It immediately went 15% up till today .
Feels comfy

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Yes wagie ? You wanted to say anything? You know what waggot? I own McDonalds Shares and that means your faggot ass belongs to me when you work your shift. SO DONT WASTE YOUR WORKING HOURS ON YOUR PHONE AND GET BACK ON THE DESK AND DONT FORGET TO ASK THE CUSTOMER IF HE WOULD LIKE TO ORDER SOME SIDES.!!

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When are you digital natives gonna realise that those Phd hocus pocus veni vidi vici jobs arent questioned anymore?
We need Mechanics , Electricians and craftsmen you fucking incels studying College drop outs.
If you're in your 20s to 25s do this:
Go work construction or industry maintenance in a factory or elsewhere , save money , stay with parents save groceries and other uslss shit , invest everything you save in stocks bonds and etf's also some crypto. Do this for atleast 10 to 15 years but not passing 35yo of age.
Save until you got 300k in assets and then buy some condos and let the dividends pay those condos and rent them out so you generate cash flow.
Retire with 35 and find a fucking cheap stud who breeds you 4 to 5 kids who inherit your portfolio

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