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where my katalyo chads at. i'm starting to think this is the next /chainlink/

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oh yeah
you guys you make me rich

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Just finished filing my tax return. I Airbnb'd a room throughout last year to make income on the side, expecting to wind up paying ~20% tax on it. Average stay of guest less than 7 days requires filing it as "qualified business income". Well shit, I'm fucked... But wait. After considering mortgage interest, taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA fees, and OH GOD YES depreciation... my "business" lost fucking money last year. I say GOOD - write it off of personal income. Literally getting paid to own an appreciating asset, which produces cashflow (covering all utilities, mortgage interest, insurance and HOA), and cuck gibsniggers out of tax money. The fucking depreciation expense is what really makes this shit amazing. It's like being allowed to file standard deduction and itemize at the same time. Why aren't rental properties seriously considered on /biz/?

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I'm 33 this year, have worked at two employers my whole life. Most recent job is software developer. Work from home and get stoned all day programming enterprise software and trading crypto...

By showing hard work and dedication even if the job is shit while improving yourself educationally you will get to places... I used to push beds around for a living...

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It's pumping

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His labour will mostly go to waste in the clown world economy, but unless you live like a slave for a little while, you'll never appreciate freedom, plus the work ethic will come in handy eventually.
Good on him for checking this on his todo list before his 20s, he's gonna make it unlike /biz/ retards saying "this time it's different, it's not gonna crash".

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Not much better than being rich, and racist.

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checked & capitulating

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Whenever crypto crashes I get these urges to make side fiat money. I used to bartend/serve as a side gig but this season im going to get into the following

>postmates-if you can do with a partner its worth it, dont have to interact with people anymore and you can smoke weed/browse biz while you drive around. I might use my bike as well when the weather gets nice.
>ebay/fb market place. ive never done it before but the goodwill around me is good and I know where i can hit some estate sales. Ive sold a lot of shit on offerup before so I know its easy af but running an actual store can be some work. I got some real niche things i can get into as well
>lapel pins-i fucking love them, its a niche thing and it gets even more niche when you get into those circles but it can be good/decent money if you know what you're doing. You have to deal with Chinese to get them done and then you have to be social and shit online to get into groups and get a following but worth it. I have some designs set up and was thinking about hiring an artist to help out. Passion project for sure but it can be relatively profitable as well.
>Keycaps. Ive wanted a hobby for al ong time and I think im gona make and sell keycaps. if it fails it fails but I just want to have fun with it
>i would do an onlyfans or something but my gf hasnt been down for it. Shes trying to sell feet pics but doesnt know how...anyone have experience with this?
>ive tried writing/blogging stuff before and it is not worth it in my opinion. However, if I see the right set up I might get back into it.
>streaming- again can be profitable if you get into the right niche. I think i can run a good crypto channel but youtube is oversaturated right now.
>cbd-im looking up laws in my area. its basically printing money if you have a lot base material and you know how to infuse

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Fall for it? Buy orders to 2x leverage all my BTC between $42k - $43k and ETH between $1300 - $1380.

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let's just say, if you know, you know

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I got word from a little birdy that that this is going to $10

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never felt more bullish about the ol' chainlink

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bought more today

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what cardano gems are you guys comfy hodling? Im ass deep in


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someone had to buy me a new cadillac

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100k pee rex stacklet reporting in wgmi

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Three things anon: big money, big women and big fun.

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>Big Money.
>Big Women.
>Big Fun.

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DefiSocial is the next x100

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Didn't read
Fuck Niggers.

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I've never felt more bullish, and I've been here since ICO

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