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In b4 OmegaFaggot cope
>hurr I le called le LINK 10000x to le moon
Yeah, it was the most retarded bullrun where everything pumped, including and especially the shittiest of shitcoins, good job calling that
He got trapped in PRQ and is only shilling to dump on you to finally exit this "premined shitcoin", as he said himself
tldr PRQ is a scam and Omega is a scammer

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He was only correct about $Link and $Qnt bound to happen eventually, law of averages.
He sold as he did all your other shitcoins at the first glance of a +20% - +100%
The second comment in picrel Nov 11, 2018 is wen he sold qnt
He was also one of the permabear bobo faggots that was waiting for btc to go below 2k which never happened, and probably missed out on loading his bags
Lol. Lmao.
That's why you're still on this degen board, poorfag

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Because they are smart

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Reminder not to listen to OmegaRetard

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The CEO of coinmetro is illiterate lmfao, why do you think he only resorts to voice messages rather than typing
He's a good businessman, but he is just that. A businessman. Not really an intellectual
Listen to him cope about manipulating his own exchange token (which he denies is a security)
He doesn't understand what LINK encompasses, and is intellectually dishonest about PRQ as he has quite a vested interest. He understands the implications of first mover advantage as well, conveniently not for LINK lol.
That vid is also outdated as fuck made by some effeminate norwegian retard, should probably find more up to date material if you want to successfully shill

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