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>bagholder countries

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>Why don't you fags just invest in normal stocks if this manipulation runs so deep?
I do. I've got more than 2x gain of what I have put GME options and stock from other options and stocks in the same period.

I would never risk more than a small part of my wealth for something like this, and I don't advocate anyone else do it too. For all we know even if longs win and this thing explodes, the government, NYSE or DTCC might just arbitrarily decide on a maximum price for the stock so they can cover with limited losses.

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Bear case:
Brokers and clearing houses don't breaks ranks. The media doesn't care. The regulatory agencies don't care. Politicians don't care and keep yapping about the dangers of social media pumping. They are allowed counterfeit infinite stocks if they want for downward price pressure no matter how high the Failed To Deliver rate is. Buy side runs out of steam, and GME price collapses, longs capitulate and/or the company goes bankrupt.

Bull case:
If failed to deliver spikes, it might prompt a visibility problem that results in something being done about it, because the scam is indefensible. They (clearing houses, DTCC, SEC) were betting that it could be resolved before the deep crime got exposed. If this isn't the case and diamond apes hold, massive Failed To Deliver shows, Clearing houses and brokers may run for the door to be the first ones to not be owed a share by the shorting hedgies, getting out before the house of cards of GME share IOUs collapse. It's a potential prisoner's dilemma between them. Recalling shares borrowed and refusing to trade new shares with the short hedgies and brokers they use.

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