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Look, just fucking admit it. If you weren't taking part in the LARPfest or the shitshow muh connecting the dots in various cult-like LINK threads, from the outside looking in, it all looks like a fucking scam (hint: it all is). During its ICO, it didn't use a fucking smart contract. Its name is fucking SmartContracts but they didn't use one for their ICO. It just screams of dressing shit up with buzzwords. These fucking deluded STINKERS think that LINK is so great but it isn't. It's a fucking .json parser. A useless one at that. Can you even imagine a coin in crypto where its disguise, its facade of ingenuity and brilliance is exposed by some random redditor who irrevocably shat on the whole project? A random fucking redditor pointing out something that some goddamned philosophy major who had the gall to ask for 32 million fucking dollars wasn't able to think of. How retarded are you to actually hold this hot garbage of a token? Jesus fucking CHRIST. Literally inventing a solution to some non-problem, when every single reputable project would just be able to use a slew of currently available oracles/oracle networks, or they can simply make their own, like VeChain. Just fucking admit it you cultist fucks. The only reason they don't do hype on twitter like TRX is not due to muh professionalism, but because Sergey's afraid of drawing even more attention when he inevitably exits this fucking scam of a project. It's fucking over, LINKtards. Even redditors smell your desperation. No one would be buying LINK. You are never going to make it. You are all fucking disgusting. Go fucking kill yourselves.

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