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Bobo has psychic powers. Powerful psychic abilities. Psychokinesis and telepathy. You can't resist his mind probe. Psychometric interference. A mental feedback loop. It's true power. Put your poopoo on the floor. He will move your poopoo with the power of his mind. Bobo is controlling Mumu. When Bobo dives into your mind, you'll be able to see him without his shorts. You'll be impressed.

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And how can it look like a bear?

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>Price goes up
>Can't stop thinking about bears

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Like coins in the hazy aether tossed, our souls must by their sinful weight descend to Earth with lightness lost. To "right" the sins that they hath laid when thrice in falling they intone, then Happiness shall be thy own. The first note be not by the Horned One rung, though it be there that all sins be sprung. The Bringer of Life and the Bringer of Shame, the sins of the latter be even more tame. Though coming in the Aged One's wake, the Formless One's soul in fear doth quake. The Needless One, silent with hungers all sated, is least then in sin with his lusts all abated. For the gravest of sinners his place be appointed and if he be lucky may his soul be anointed.

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Another airdrop bag dump. 15k mcap now.

Waiting for the next cope.

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Even in daytime darkness will cover the sun. The dead will walk and martyrs will burn in the fires of hell. Everyone will die.

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Obi Wan never told you who farted.
I was I who farted.

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Yeah nice "dip" more like capitulation dump.
Dumb nigger. Your rug has been exposed and your only option at this point is to cope and pretend you're not affected. I know how shitcoin farmers like you operate. Not today chud, you got sloppy on this job by thinking people wouldn't notice airdropped wallets and now everyone is exiting. Kill yourself you and the retards coming here thinking this board is exit liq.

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Instead of crying like a little bitch on a mongolian internet trading forum you could be shorting BNB right now, now that Paxos will stop issuing BUSD the fake money keeping it afloat will simply disappear into thin air. This is actual financial advice, remember that BNB was once priced at $2 per token.

Do what you will with this information but act fast, it took less than 48 hours for LUNA to crash completely. Too big to fail is a meme. Good luck OP

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I'm a bobro but you seriously need to take lagging indicator shit off your charts.

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Are you sure you're okay Mumu? I can always get you a lime.

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If BTC isn't dumping to 10k then how come Bobo is so cute? Checkmate, baggies.

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>>51280136 sees >>51280420 and turns around
>sees this
Why hello there anon, going somewhere?

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u is jus hbrneyting 4 weenter :)

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I'm only shorting at $26k with proper risk management and an intelligent stop loss.

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