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This is bullshit but I kind of believe it. Please be true. Chainlink needs you BTC.

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bro talk:

It legit feels wierd as. ive made so much fucking money i dont know what to do with it all. I so glad i went through this with all of you. Dont know where id be without you autistic niggers

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Try TheraPhi

Will pray for you

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O' God Christ,

Please smite all the traders, the manipulators, the fudders and the swinglinkers who think they are "selling the top".
Bless us with a green dildo that will unleash a thousand pink screams as they finally swing from the rope.
Glory to you Lord and to your blessed servant Sergey of Nazareth.
Guide us to the Singularity so we may, in turn, devote ourselves to the betterment of this world.


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