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Yes. If they can keep inflation above bond yields not too many people are gonna want to hold bonds.
So they can either push inflation up (brrrrr/stimulus) or they can push bonds down with YCC.
Both scenarios are good for PM's and commodities
I still think they are going to try and shake out weak hands and let bond yields run up a bit, or let more businesses fail or something.
Everybody is on the hyperinflation trade right now and it's too easy.
Do anons have their stronk hands ready?

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>> indexer raises fees to 99%
>> delegators undelegate and move to an indexer that isn't retarded.
>> indexer loses all his delegators and doesn't get as much rewards.

It's a called a competitive marketplace anon.
Indexers all compete against each other for delegators. The more delegators the more rewards they get. If indexers fuck the reward cut %, delegators will leave to a better indexer, and they won't get as much rewards.

I know you're looking for legitimate fud, and this project is pretty much unfuddable, but you gotta do better than this, buddy.

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The midwit posting is really getting out of hand.
This is bullish though.

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>> lost 500.

I sold GRT at $1, kid.
Trust me, you'll be fine.

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That's one of her body doubles.

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You guys always respond like this but no, no one is securing their bags. There are literally dozens of projects bizraelis are invested in and couldn’t care of RBC, no one is out to “get you” - but don’t worry, your day of reckoning WILL come and I will enjoy the pink wojacks that come.

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This shit will go to $7 easily.
Not a rugpull.
Not a PnD.
Never underestimate the power of positive thought.
We are all going to make it.
Get in now or stay poor.
You are missing out on gainz anon.
You will never get an opportunity like this again.
Binance listing soon.
Coinbase listing soon.
This is a true Uniswap gem.
Staking soon.
Scales 10,000x better.
The future of money.
Fair distribution.
Outstanding tokenomics.
Stays true to the whitepaper.
Well.....Why aren't you investing anon?

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IDK anon, they plan to be the CHAINLINK for BSC projects.

You tell me?

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>chainlink will be used to verify every post one day so that the trolls claiming to have less than the minimum suicide stack of 10k to post here will be removed
i mean the first few people pretending to be nulinkers with babystacks was funny and all but this is getting ridiculous

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if you had $1000, would you put it into stocks or crypto?

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>tfw staked so your fuds can't work on me even if I wanted them to
Um yeah, I'm thinking I'm based.

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The shilling for Rubic is blatant and not organic.
If you want to take some risk and make a quick buck, go ahead. It already did a x10, but maybe you can get some more out of it.
Don't be fooled into thinking this is a serious project though

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yes, how do we acquire said coins optimally anon?

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demand from thousands of Dapps is going to be insane.
supply won't be able to keep up.
supply and demand, anons.
10 billion tokens is nothing.
you have no idea how comfy things really are.

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What part of ,"millions of dapps are going to use this protocol", do you not understand?
All of those dapps are going to need GRT to pay for query fees.
Demand is going to be insane.
Supply will not be able to keep up with demand.
What do you think that is going to do to price?
Ring a ding a ling ling, it doesn't take an economic genius to see that GRT price is going to go parabolic.
10 billion tokens is nothing.

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Not at all

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$HCMC - Healthier Choices
Real company. Has case filed against $PM (Philip Morris) that they will likely win. Lots of OS at 100B; the suit is more than $3B. Sitting at around .002, will go to at least .03, so x10 from this point.
They'll more likely get a settlement to avoid bad PR for $PM.

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>Post crypto wallet then
lol no
believe me or not idc

>>i honestly dont care if hedge funds get my money
>>im doing this as a fuck you to the hedge funds
/biz/ is full of salty newfags lol
why didnt you guys buy eth in 2017? or LINK all throughout 2018? why didnt you buy GME when it was in the stick for /smg/ for months on end in 2020?
i guess every trend has latecomers. woe to them.

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It's in morse code, but replace dots and dashes with "nigger" and "faggot", respectively.

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>the only reason our economy is stable
Yes, of course. That's why there are doomsayers everywhere centering on the trading activity around one medium-sized video game company.

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Uh huh.

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here anons

this is now a /biz/ self improvement thread niggers
big green candles to those who learn

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