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More like proof of Judaism, amirite?

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We've got a lot of shitcoin bagholders who bought the top and are looking to exit. XRP, AVAX, LINK, XMR, SHIB, BAT, ICP, LUNC, ETH, SOL you name it, aren't going to see a new ATH. So why don't you decide which shitcoin is the least worst hold, and collectively focus all your money and shilling on that one coin? That way, you may be able to get an exit pump, instead of missing an entire cycle.

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Let's face it Link marines. Time to relegate yourself to a general thread, just like XRP, XMR, and PMG. There's no shame in it, it's a natural part of the lifecycle for anything that isn't Bitcoin. Who knows, it might be fun for you guys, maybe you can commission more Chainlink-waifu art, make a fansite.

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What's the point of living to retirement? What do you even do at age 67+?

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