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Normies are entirely driven by FOMO.

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>it could easily be done online using gold or silver debit accounts. It's really amazing how crypto kids think they are so technically advanced but they can't see how easily one could set up a gold or silver transfer system online.
I've always been thinking the future is PMs and a crypto tech specifically for that purpose merged together. You're very wise Anon. In the best future that's the ultimate form of banking.

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Any SOFI bros?

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i feel rich and fancy

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I'm actually not some Nazi larper, because that would make me a socialist. And that would be gay.

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See, that's the issue too. I'm not just here trying to make money at any cost, "riding bubbles" and scamming the nearest fool. I value my integrity and dignity, and my morals are worth all the money in the world to me.

I'd always prefer crabbing honest money over mooning crappy schemes. Sadly, not many people still have high standards in current clownworld, but some of them do, and they are here, in this very thread. That's why i don't like it much when tainted souls of your kind come trying to flex on "poor gainz" with whatever is your agenda, because you and me aren't the same. But you wouldn't get it, it's a White Man thing. Just know that all the money in the world couldn't remove this stare of disdain i've as i post this.

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Yes. Problem incel? Your attitude is clearly the result of no woman wanting to touch your pp.

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What's curious is all the financial papers repeated for over a year now climbing interest rates would tank PMs - especially gold - valuation, as bonds are supposedly as secure as gold, but would now yield 5-7% risk free, against 0% for metals, thus everybody would dump their PMs to buy T bonds.

Reality is non-US institutions are avoiding US bonds like the plague, no matter the yield, even getting rid of what they have, and nobody sold their gold.
So the PM supposed "blackswan" ended up being a complete nothingburger. Even after 550 basis points being added.

Will the opposite also be true? Those same papers claims the minute the FED pivot and push the rates back down, it will trigger an exodus of the institutions from Tbonds toward gold.
Considering their track record + clownworld, i wouldn't bet on this, but this is the logic at play.

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What percent of the world are whole bitcoiners? I just want to join the club...

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spy collapse to 412

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Shut the fuck up glowie, I'm watching OP climb out the limbo and it's entertaining. Go be negative somewhere else.

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>tfw financially independent at 31
Have you tried not being a loser?

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>I have to resize and type multiple captchas
No you just suck at 4chan's captchas.

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The RM was based on value of labor. If you know what that means, you're a fren.

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inb4 the IRS expansion was to prep for crackdowns on undeclared capital gains from coin swappers

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>if you find and buy any be sure to share pics!
Then i just got delivered something by the mail you should like : a big ladle from 1783-1787 weighting 10oz, in nice condition too.
And i could use some extra brainpower, as in-lieu of the monogram, there is an abbreviation "AGT QNLE" with several tiny arrows (like the cursor of our mouses on computer), and idk what it could stand for.

My theory is it could have been a ladle used in a large kitchen, where the ustensils had their name/use engraved on, and AGT QNLE could stand for "Argent Quenelle" (Silver tail-spoon). But it's just my theory.

The ladle is quite dirty tho, i'll clean and polish it up beforing taking few pics. It should be done by tomorrow.

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I understand you are all excited by learning about shiny rocks and having new frens to share your passion with, and all that jazz. But this general is a comfy zone only, so try to refrain your ardor a bit please.
The fake ass oldfagottry especially, this is quite cringe coming from ppl who clearly are new here, like (you). And it's not needed, we are glad to welcome newfrens.

Thanks in advance for your comprehension, i'm sure we will be great stacking buddies in no time.

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>got it all for just under $69
Wow that's incredible! You are on fire scrapfren, happy for you. Mind to take a pic of those nippon hallmark? I've no idea how jap hallmarks looks like, could be useful to know.
Do you vaguely know the period in which it was made (i'd guess early XXth maybe?)?

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>popular cheap 1oz round
>popular cheap 1oz gubment coin
Yes, you are doing great fren

>incredibly expensive ASE
>random memeround with political stance, probably with extra premioom
Not so much here tho. Avoid these in the future.

Overall i'd rate 7,5/10. No major mistakes, but could have been a bit better. This ASE + REEE no step me snek could have been x4 extra Asahis.

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>Why prolong it?
because >>54079030

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Righties think that just because they can't understand it, that it isn't true.

I'm not even some left leaning reddit fag, but has it ever occurred to you guys that you might be anti-intellectual?

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this speculation is just sickening. it's a gaudy farce and a vulgar display.. i shall NOT be taking part

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It's literally just glowniggers running a damage control psyop because they can't defend our airspace against china anymore. This article was written two years ago.

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Good evening. I do not care for team sport.

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