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One day, soon, when you're stuck in traffic listening to somebody read off the day's Bloomberg market news, it'll mention the performance of Dow Jones, SNP509, Oil, etc AND, in the same sentence and breath, mention the volume of smart-contracts executed on the chainlink network.

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>Anyone going to take a crack at the connection between the items in my first post?

Heres muh two opinionated pennies worth >>14662739

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Info dumps are loops just like time it happens in cycles
By the way I’ve been ruminating on the time travel thing.
What if we need to discover time travel in order for us to exist in the first place and for the conditions of Earth and our place here to take place?
What if that’s the secret to where we come from and how we were created.

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Keep bumping the thread boys

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>that spacing
>t. LINK bagholder fudding his own investment
you had two years

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>once again Sergey announces an announcement about an announcement
>does so the morning after huge crypto dump
>meanwhile link is almost at its full retracment level of 25-30ish cents
>news of ANOTHER potentially lackluster and embarrassing speaking engagement may be just enough to drop price to the nessesary retracement levels before Serge speaks
these factors make me somewhat bullish to buy in at the aforementioned retracment level(s), assuming that a) price hits those levels before the speaking engament, and b) keeping in mind that a tight stop loss is warranted in the event Serge delivers more uninspired buzzword rambling.

However, if the price doesn’t drop before the event, Serge may deliver a shit presentation regardless just to ensure linkies abondone ship enough to get the full retracement, wherein then the project will be abandoned and slowly dissolve out of existence or at which point the singularity will begin because Serge actually makes a massive industry changing announcement.

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>inb4 buy link

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can one of you lads plez place the link symbol inside this gif? thanks

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Where’d ya get that linkalized gif, anon? Any chance you can do something with this one?

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That’s my take as well; Bitcoin is perceived to be “The” crypto market, as apposed to merely an entity/brand/protocol within it. Once that perception changes, the rest of the market can absorb BTC’s liquidty because the underlying interest in, and possible use case for crypto in general is still bullish long term.

But that still begs the questions; who’s still holding and at what point will they liquidate into something else?
>bears arent certain how much downside is left to short and reliably exit because at a certain point BTC isn’t profitable to mine
>normies are hodling BTC like lottery tickets out of brand loyalty and irrational lambo dreaming
>nobody agrees at what price to capitulate

I see a lot of sideways action due to the above two factors. Which is too bad because the longer this plays out the longer it takes for the space to evolve.

If only somebody would dump Satoshi's Wallet, we could finally move on. Perhaps though, Satoshi has a heart and is waiting for enough normie wallets to cashout so that Wall Street is left holding the lion’s share of bags when the BTC market crashes. That would be based af.

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