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F rating from the BBB

79% 1 star reviews

2911 complaints on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau site

Good luck if you ever have a problem with them. People wait months before hearing from anyone besides first line support with their useless copy/paste answers.

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i bought some tokens on coinbase pro and when i try to transfer them to a wallet i get a server error message. i've contacted coinbase many weeks ago and they have been telling me for 1 month that my issue has been sent on to a specialist but i don't hear anything past that. what can i do?

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does coinbase accept deposits from paypal for US customers?

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>coinbase account fucked
>identity verification doesn't work
>tried calling support
>they do nothing

any other sites/apps I can use to buy and send bitcoin?

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Take your wild guesses....We already know ETC.

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>dude, it's anonymous independent currency of the future!
>just scan a copy of your driver's licence and passport, two recent bills with your address and take a picture of yourself and you're set!
How does that work?

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