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I like a good nap after I fap at work

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fuck this

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Obv everyone who's a wagie gets paid to shit. But it's rare to get the good stall and its quiet in the office enough to look at porn and fap. It's great though. Also, dont get used to using lotion and /gif/ with sound because still images are best.

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Goddammit! You guys told me to go all in on Chainlink. Now LINK is dumping and BTC is going to the moon. Convince me not to swing.

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My effort ratio is too rich
I don't do shit. Will probably be fired soon. Feelsbad.jpg

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Ok wagies, party time is over. back to your cagies immediately!

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>Yet I literally earn less than 30k after taxes from my job.
literally this

wear the banker wagecuck suit, get paid slightly more than a burger flippers

such is my life

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2.2k here, will I make it boys?

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only feel this way 5 days a week

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that 'like' gotta be 'love' if you wanna make it to the top some day buster

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theres no time to go out but I cant have OT so I just take a 15 minute shitpost break

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well I am at work working ...

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I think its clear at this point in time that society has effectively split into 2 echelons - those who live with their parents and those who pay rent. Effectively, those who live with their parents are the new quasi-aristocratic class, and those who work to pay rent are the new feudal class. Just look at all the people who do vlogs for a living, or travel all the time, always vacationing, basically those who truly enjoy their lives - these people are living with their parents. Because of obsurd housing prices, those whose living quarters are unaccounted for now are forced to give 50%+ of their paycheck to rent every single month. Couple this with a crumbling labor economy (yes unemployment is down but job security, benefits, healthcare and pension matching are basically gone from most mid-level jobs) and you have a recipe for disaster for anyone unfortunate enough to not have parents to fall back on. These people must work to survive and survive to work. Meanwhile, those who live with their parents are able to pool all of their resources (time & money) into whatever pursuit they wish to do. I understand that not every person who follows their dream "makes it", however I think we can all agree that the pursuit of your dream in the first place is what makes a person feel happy & fulfilled, as opposed to someone who has to wageslave. Hence the aristorats are fulfilled and happy while the wageslaves are depressed and miserable. I'd like to note here that I am not necessarily applauding NEETS. People who live with their parents should work as well so that they save closer to 100% of their income since parents usually pay for food as well.

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>in the "real" world

Is there a bigger cope than this?
>I may be a broke bagholder, but at least I'm not one of those Linkie NEETs running NEET nodes! I work in an office!

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>Did you hear grumpy cat died?

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>Join the healthy side, there's nothing wrong with a lifetime of tough but rewarding work.

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People who harp on and on about "productivity" - what exactly are they "producing"? From what I see, from any given blog or vlog talking about productivity, they're producing:

>a mediocre career
>some redundant dropshipping/ecommerce thing
>an ebook that makes them $3 a month
>coding skills that will be priced out by H1Bs.
>some other shit as futile as this.

And they're proud of this - they've elevated this kind of self-inflicted wagecuckery into a virtue of "being productive". Replacing meals with Onions to same 5 minutes in the name of this slave-morality virtue, that sort of thing.

It's just all so bizarre and disgusting.

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Cram study a sport everyday even if you hate it. I did this with college basketball so I could pick a good NCAA bracket. Everyone in my office talks about especially the executives.
I got in an argument with my boss about a project and told him to fuck off over the phone one night. The CEO asked me to come to his office the next day and we only talked about Duke. My boss sat outside in the lobby staring at the ground.
He quit 2 months later lol

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>mandatory early meetings
>work for a billionaire who doesn’t know i exist
>manager on babysitter duty has to make sure we’re doing everything right
>force myself to smile to customers and to manager while keeping a fake attitude

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I just lost $9,900

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