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>mommy makes all my food

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Kek, its ok anon

*pats you on your head*

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Hi, my posts never get based as replies. Can I get some based (you)s?

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why do people go on the internet to tell lies ..

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alt season when

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.375 BTC here but its in ETH/altcoins for moon missions.

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Where’s my LINK bedtime story at? I can’t fall asleep without it :(

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I miss moot frens...

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I just bought 1k LINK. Felt pretty good about it till I saw this. But congrats anyway anon

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I just want a teddy bear for a pet. Pic related

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> whale brags about how much eth people make off of selling him pets

whales ball out of control with these games though so i'm not hating. i just feel like a retard trying to stack like 2 ETH max. is that possible?

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I get 500$ a month to have my face on an ICO Page.

I dont even do much. Now they want me to find 5 People who get 500 aswell. "advisors" as he called them.

Like i thought about just creating fake identities and collecting the money but..

where the hell do they have all this money from and how could i get fucked by this?

My most important question is:
Lets say they pull a bitconnect ( im literally the only programmer, they have no clue about crypto ) and my face is on that page, would people care if i showed them the chat history and proofed that i was innocent?

dont want a bounty on my head if they do illegal shit

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>tfw op doesn't send you gucci coin

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why are the btc and eth charts the opposite?

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>tfw newfag just getting started and binance registrations are locked
help me bros

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Yeah I'm with you. The project is huge but right now I hope LINK stays below 30-40 cents for at least 6 months, so I can make back the btc I lost and rebuy my stack. I keep that 1k in there for the off chance that it actually moons. Might actually kms if LINK moons without me holding any

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App version 1.0.21.

No option to update on Google Play. Is it because my phone is old af?

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Can we at least agree that out of the two shillcoins REQ is a better choice?

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