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no, but I held.
good enough for me

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This is barely a mini-boss.
True guardian is at 18k and we'll challenge him soon.

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TA and indicators is basically a meme.

All markets are manipulated by whales. Lets say the whales bought BTC at 5k and they want to dump their bags at 20k. How do they do this?
They're not gonna pump it to 20k themselves, they just bought at 5k.

Take this recent run, why did things happen as they did?
Well the whales want BTC to go higher. What's the best way to make this happen?
By making retail traders dump their bags and short. They want to use retail later as rocket fuel to whatever price they intend to dump at.

How do they accomplish this? By shifting the way you suckers imagine the future of BTC's price to be. This is done through news, twitter, youtube and other media.
It's all manipulated, until you understand this you will always be a cuck.

Remember when BTC had just peaked at 20k and it dipped to 17k? All the little faggots thought it was just a little dip and we were going to 50k next. Now the same little faggots think we're going to 1-3k.

You're getting bounced between greed and fear, meanwhile others pick your pockets.

So, how do you become a chad? You follow all the big faggots on twitter and youtube. Skim through their nigger shit and if the general sentiment towards BTC is heavily one sided, then you counter trade them. That's it.

TA and indicators is a false construct of reality. Humans want order when there is none. It's just a couple of hedge funds or billionaires pressing buy or sell.

You're trained to believe in the beautiful lie that we're all equal and society is structured in a fair way. Grow up, accept the dog-eat-dog reality and you'll make money too.

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CZ has that fear

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