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I think it'll be invasive. People/companies will use defi without realizing it through centralized middlemen they are more comfortable with.

The financial industry will embrace it and offer the fruits of its improved yield and reliability to a hungry customer base. It gives them a competitive advantage to do so.

So I'd say about 90, seems very likely to me

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Arbitrum is coming next month. Retail payments powered by Chainlink oracles are coming this quarter in the US, they’re going live in Korea currently. It hurts right now but I’m not selling.

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>ocr tomorrow
>native oracle of avax which is currently pumping and release of pangolin is imminent
>pic related
Please sell

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Seriously think OCR is coming Tuesday. Also, pic related.

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Regarding the post in there about aave etc. check out pic related. I’m not sure, maybe aave will beat link long term, but link is gonna rise- big time. I’d guess in part link is still low because the supply and amounts Sergey is dumping are to cover way more usecases where as aave’s usecase is already in full swing (although, of course much more money can come to defi).

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