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What are you talking about?

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>You people do realize that when Ethereum crashes

You don't get it.

Who let you post here?

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>This is wrong..

History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme. Factors are never exactly the same.
An asset with asymmetric upside potential is the best place to park your money and the USD is the worst denomination to park your money.
But, I truly don't gaf what you do with your money, nigger.

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>before jumping up into the 100 or even higher range.

BTC, ETH, and LINK will keep marching toward infinity in the long run vs the USD.

I don't see LINK breaking out past 3/4 the market cap of ETH for a long time without money from another source pouring into it. Sure, it could go well past $100, but don't see it going higher than ETH without some kind of sea change.

How high ETH goes is probably capped at 2x or 3x for a while.
Rush Limbaugh talks about Ethereum. The Boomers don't know about Chainlink, and the plebs probably cannot learn about a 3rd crypto unless it starts taking over the markets it threatens to with a functioning product or celebrities start shilling it.

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