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>What's the consensus on this /biz/ autism incarnate?
I will summarize it in a way you can understand:
>you lost all your money
>that's what you get for cuck
>you should have invested in satoshisync
>instead of APU

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you are right in deciding not to sell your BTC at this moment, now regarding AVAX, I recommend you to ask in different platforms other than /biz/, try beoble, twitter or discord, Avalanche technology has potential but there is also a lot of fear around it.

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Based beoble user.
>Males only
>People with money only
>Again not a single female in sight (good thing!)
>No tg spam

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>poorfag projection
Just because (You) can't doesn't mean the rest of us don't have enough capital to make those incredibly high-risk, high-reward plays.

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>SBF had to get put under a gigantic spotlight by proxy of hundreds of youtubers making videos on Alamedas' situation for the feds to do jack shit
>Same with Mashinsky
>Same with the paradox metaverse dubai rich kid faggots
>Same with every single bad actor involved in crypto
boomers do not understand how this technology works on a fundamental level and still want to control it all.

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>Work 2 hours max a day
>Flip nfts on the side and sometimes game/watch movies
Living the life. Buy Nilo nfts btw they do be bussin.

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Once I stumbled upon shit like Nilo (NLT) and saw other coins while bagholding my ROSE like a good little boy for /our/ misstress and realized I was wasting my time waiting around for something to happen. Then I solded and bought other things.

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If you are a little bitch that's getting shaken out - then sure, we bought the turnips and we bought the magic beans.

I'm buying more alts and more $Shinja for dat sweet early chain gains long term. If you think BTC is unironically hitting 10k or whatever then sure, we are all suckers. If you don't, then we are not. It's a matter of perspective.

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Joy, money, drugs and bitches. Long live to this fucking market bro

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