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>be me
>turn my 2 shitty min wage jobs into a little extra money after girlfriend costs and rent/utilities
>find biz in may 2017, one month after I bought ETH and BTC for the first time
>get in early on countless ico’s and early coins like antshar3s, Raiblocks, Omisego, Tron, Coss, KuCoin, BNB, even link 6 months later
>shill countless microcaps helping anons make huge gains
>launch burnt liquidity, renounced contract, memecoin here in November 2021 going from $3k to $750k mcap in 48 hours
>get phone posted coin from range banned
>constantly banned for posting in this threads

I’ll always be grateful for you retards no matter how bad Jannies nuke this place

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